Our Initiative for Environment

Tohoku Chemical Cooperation provides clients including Medical Institutions and various plants with products and services such as reagents and analytical instruments. Our company aims at the balance between our trading activities and the preservation of environment and actively tackle global environment.

  1. The company shall observe the regulation related to environment, law, agreement of the local community and industry code.
  2. The company shall administrate merchandises that we deal in appropriately and tackle energy – and resource-saving and prevent contaminations.
  3. To achieve environmental policy, the company shall set the environmental object and goal within a possibility range economically and technically, establish and operate the environmental management system in writing.
  4. The company shall reconsider these activities periodically and improve them continuously.
  5. The company shall inform the employees and the employees engaged in the company of these environmental policies and shall publish them outside the company.

Approval office : Hirosaki headquarters, Akita Blanch, Sendai Branch, Iwate Branch, Yamagata Branch, Tsuruoka sales office

June 28, 2005

Yukihiro Kudo
President and CEO